Memorial Forest

W3259 Heineman Road

 Merrill Memorial Forest is a 920-acre wildlife habitat area. There are walking trails for those who want peace and solitude. It is located off Country Trunk Highway R and is also a public hunting ground. The park includes an 80-acre wetland area, recently named the Don Manthei Recreational and Wetland Area.

The Merrill Memorial Forest has been the benefactor of a WDNR Stewardship Grant recently, allowing us (through the hard work of local volunteer(s)) to develop new bike trails through the property. This new bike trail was designed and built by a local resident who is very passionate and talented in building trail. The trails have brought a new group of visitors to our community and has been a tremendous asset to our park system. This trails now connect to LIncoln County's Underdown Bike Trails, providing one of the longest continuous single track bike trails in Wisconsin.

Click here: for updated trail maps for the Memorial Forest & Connection to Underdown

*Replanting the Red Pine Plantation after the Tornado


City Forest Map With Bike Trails