Summer Highlights




2013 - Council Grounds

Making flags for flag day. 2013

The kids did a great job drawing their flags.

Almost every Friday we spend out at Council Grounds with the Summer Playground program.

very creative! animals made from recycled materials!

Making boats to race down the Prairie.

Getting ready for the big race down the Prairie.

Thanks to Luke and Andy for braving the water....

Some kids really use their imagination. Great Job!

Antigo Aquatic Center

Younger group of summer playground kids had a great time at Jim Pecks.

2012 Summer Playground at Jim Pecks.

Soccer Camp ran by Josh Hipke 2012. All the kids had a great time!

Waiting for the pizza's to be done.


Learning to make snacks at Summer Playground. They look good!

building their boats to float down the Prairie River.

Great Job!

Get Ready - Set - Go! We only lost 2 boats.

Animals made from plastic bottles! Nice job girls!

Ladies Lifestyle committee members Sherri Kleinschmidt, Karli Severt and Dawn Smith handing a check to Robin from Trinity School After School Care, of the money that was made during the Ladies Lifestyle Expo.

2 leader, 2 lifeguards, 13 kids equals a great time!

Summer playground took 13 kids tubing from Council Grounds to Ott's Park.

Robbie Koppelman goes through a few rules that everyone must follow. Lifejackets have to worn the whole time in the water.

Heading in the water one by one!



Splish Splash!

The kids and leaders all had a great time. 2010

Fishing Club - 2010

Fishing Club - last day - fishing tournament - 2010

Thank you to all the volunteers who came to help with fishing club this year.

Council Grounds - fishing club

Tee Ball 2010

The kids love Woody Woodchuck!

Woody Woodchuck visits Lions Park for teeball.


Summer Playground group with Mckenzie Broeking - designer of summer playground shirts.

Playground leaders Danielle and Sam showing off their summer playground shirts.

Toddler Outdoor Explore on a scavenger hunt.

Tee-ball - 5 & 6 year olds.

Working on batting skills.

Our volunteer coaches did an awesome job with the little kids for starter t-ball and t-ball.

Hugo's Pizza with Woody Woodchuck.

Woody Woodchuck signing the kids shirts.

End of the season treats from the Merrill Park and Recreation Department where handed out on the last day of the season.

Creative Kids making bubble bees.

Danielle Block working the kids showing them how to use a hot glue gun.

Finished project! Great job kids.

Kids loved the indoor swimming at Antigo Aquatic Center.

Wildwood Zoo.

Loved the many changes this year.

Having a great time at Wildwood Zoo.

Andy working with the kids making a friendship tree. what a neat idea!

Older kids for boat races. 2013

the winners of each race.

Dylan in the water for the boat races.

Dylan was a little excited when his boat won the race!

Badges and Bullseye 2012

Badges & Bullseye

Badges and Bullseye 2012

A group of kids from the Summer Playground spent a morning at the Merrill Community Enrichment Center making stepping stones.

This is a new program for the Summer Playground group and they loved it!

Toddler Outdoor Explore making bear dens.

The kids did an awesome job painting their "dens".

Waiting to hear what to do next.

This little guy thought he was supposed to paint himself to match the bear den.

Starting to ad the grass and leaves to the bear den.

Working very hard to make sure the den looks good.

Some work while others play.

Getting ready to ad the big sticks to the den - a lot of work is put into their bear dens.

After completing the hard work the kids climb inside and practice making their bear sounds.

Wet n Wild Water games was a great time for the kids.

Water relays was a lot of fun for the kdis. The milk jugs had holes in the sides so the kids had to run fast from one pool to the next without losing all their water from the jug.

Playing red light green light was a huge "splash".

The kids also had a great time diving for water rings.