Children's Festival

Presented by Merrill Park and Recreation Department and Merrill Police Department.

**We would like to thank everyone for making our 2021 Children's Festival a success!! We are already looking forward to next year, and stay tuned for next years event date and further details**

Date: 2022

Location: Smith Center

Ages: All Ages Welcome

Time: 10:00 - 2:00 p.m.


Door prizes given away all day.

The Children's Festival will be the 1st day of registration for Summer Playground. 

 In you are interested in becoming a vendor at the Children's Festival call 715-536-7313.

2012 Children's Festival

This little guy is all smiles after getting his face painted. 2009

Mickey and Minnie Mouse. 2009

John the Juggler has a lot of kids amazed with his juggling skills. 2009

The Merrill Karate Club did an awesome job with their demonstration. 2009

Demonstrations on breaking bricks and boards by the Merrill Karate Club 2009

Lincoln County Rodeo giving rides. 2009

The Merrill Fire Department giving demonstrations. 2009

2010 - Merrill Police Department & Marshfield Clinic with the bike rodeo held at the Children's Festival.

2010 - Merrill School did bubbles around the kids.

2010 - Merrill Tennis Team came out and painted faces for the little ones.

2010 - Jon the Juggler had a captive audience for his great juggling skills.

2010- Merrill Child Care had the kids plant grass seeds to take home and grow.

2010 - Parkside Pre-school brought in blocks for the kids to build with.

2010 - Mickey and Minnie visiting with a young lady.

2010 - the Merrill Karate Club did a great job on the demonstration.

2010 - Trinity Lutheran School putting together a craft with the kids.

2010 - Lincoln County Humane Society brought in a few animals.

2010 - Wisconsin Pro Rodeo giving rides.

2010 - A great turn out.

Balloon Animals for the kids.

Lincoln Lanes.

The Fire Pup came to visit with the kids during the Children's Festival. 2009

Very creative artwork done by the Kristine Harvey. 2009

Mickey doing some face painting. 2009

Gress Chiropractic. 2009

Marathon County Humane Society. 2009

Apprill Chiropractic had alot of little hands painting their wall for them. 2009

2010 - Officer Jaeger talking to the kids on bike safety. 150 kids received free bike helmets.

2010 - Merrill Youth Hockey.

2010 - Mickey and Minnie Mouse

2010 - Melody Valenti from Boulder Junction attended the Childrens Festival creating "caricatures" of the kids.

2010 - Marshfield Clinic played a healthy eating game with the kids.

2010 - The Merrill Park and Recreation department handed out over 250 bags and ballons for the kids.

2010 -

2010 - Marissa Wilde from the Merrill Tennis painting faces.

2010 - Apprill Chiropractic playing games with the kids.

2010 - Les and Jims brought in a couple of bowling lanes for the kids.

2010 - Merrill Fire Department with the big latter truck.