The City of Parks

The Merrill Park system is composed of nearly 1200 acres of park land.  These parks are categorized into Community, Neighborhood, Special Use, and Mini Parks.  In all, 13 parks make up the park system. 


Community Parks

Merrill's community parks contain 3 parks.  Lions, Stange, and Merrill Area Recreation Complex make up the city's community parks.

Neighborhood Parks

Otts, Riverside, Stange Kitchenette, Streeter Square , and Normal Parks make up the city's Neighborhood parks.  These parks are very spacious and usually contain the shelter houses.  The placement of these parks is in rural area, allowing easy access to anybody in the city.

Mini Parks

Merrill is comprised of 1 "Mini-Park".  This park is the Polk Street tennis courts/ Skate Park.  It is a one acre park located near the Middle School and T.B. Scott Library, allowing students some after-school recreation alternatives.

Special Use Areas

Merrill's "Special Use" parks are those that have certain features that set them apart from the others.  Athletic, Gebert, Memorial Forest, and Praire Trails are the parks that make up these parks.  They have walking trails, fishing access, wildlife observation, ball field, and recreational trails.

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